We develop projects with energy.

Knowledge supported by innovation, our core strength.

EPC Project Development

We offer solutions in various Turnkey, End-to-End and Greenfield Solutions. We are having following domains :

Turnkey EPC Solution for Roof-Top Solar-Wind-Diesel Power Plant.Turnkey EPC Solution for MW Solar PV Power Plant Solutions.Turnkey EPC Solution for Wind Power Plant. HT Structures and Sub Stations up to 220 kV.Turnkey EPC Solution for all Panel Boards, Power and Control Cables.

Our pursuit for continuous excellence has allowed us to learn from an industry in an extraordinary revolution and to be uniquely positioned to introduce 100% renewable energy to a substantial portion of the world’s population in the coming decades.

Whether working with homeowners, utilities, town officials or end consumers, our goal remains unchanged: we solve the problem of energy access in developing countries while reducing the impact on those regions that already enjoy it.

Storage Service

We provide fully integrated, flexible and modular solutions that enable our customers to reduce their electricity bills, provide complementary services to the grid, create microgrids or make the most of their photovoltaic installations. We optimize the systems we design by considering their multiple applications:

· Peak shaving: discharge at times of high demand to avoid or reduce demand charges.

· Load shifting: shift grid energy consumption from expensive time periods to more affordable time periods.

· Backup systems: we provide instantaneous backup power in the event of grid outages or failures.

· Demand response: we discharge instantaneously after signals of high aggregate demand in the system load.

· Integration with generation systems: we optimize the use of renewable generation systems by storing surpluses for later consumption.

PMC Services

Project management Consultancy:-

Project Management consulting services are also known as Turnkey project consultancy. The scope of work starts right from the inception stage of the project and goes up to the post-commission performance test. Major activities in this are a selection of suitable land, equipment, EPC partner, quality inspection during installation work, post-commissioning performance assessment, documentation.

Detail Engineering & Design:-

We have a team of engineers from various engineering disciplines from prestigious institutes. Our team ensures that equipment is integrated optimally and the plant runs smoothly for 25 years.

Project quality inspection:-

Solar is modular in nature and small defects during implementation can lead to a massive mess. This will reduce the generation-the only commodity which can be monetized. Hence, we deployed our specialized team at the site during the implementation phase to point an eagle eye on every activity and ensure the implementation is as per as per approved Design.

Bid / Bid Process advisory:-

On one side we assist our clients to participate in JNNSM or state level bids and on another side we also advise companies to perform the bidding. Typically, this service includes business modal preparation, project budgeting, bid documentation, financial modeling and bid evaluation. Our team works closely with the management and understands their needs and strengths. Based on our analysis we propose the best solutions.

Operation & Maintenance

Solar Operations and Maintenance

Many of the cost-effective O&M considerations that impact cost and revenue relate directly to inverter and monitoring system selection. Solar operations and maintenance (O&M) services are technical services required to establish and maintain a specific performance level for a solar energy system. Helio Energy Solutions’s solar operations and maintenance plan provides many benefits for both residential and commercial enterprises. We are experts at maximizing the ROI for our systems and offer a complete suite of asset management and solar O&M services detailed below. We also consider bespoke services for specific circumstances, as well!