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renewable projects

An unconventional company

PG Energy is an EPC , PMC and O&M company in the field of the Power sector. Our team members have provided services to more than 300 MW Solar Power plants in pan Asia & Africa.

We offer a wide range of services to our clients right starting from project conceptualization to commissioning and future energy assessment. We have highly qualified team members with experienced Managements & Engineering fields which is proficient to execute the solar project.

Our quest for detecting and satisfying our clients’ needs defines our way of working. We prioritize excellence in the execution of our projects with a focus on continuous improvement, transparency, agility and proximity.

We are proud of our work to the extent that we contribute directly to the sustainability of our planet.

Results that contribute to change the world

We work energetically to build and maintain our customers’ trust and confidence.


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Global footprint

Our manifesto

Climate change has highlighted the recurrent and systemic crises that our generation will have to face. As a group, we fear the environmental, health and social consequences that climate change might unleash.

We need to build together a project for a sustainable society, but first we must rethink our place on Earth and our consumption habits. Protecting biodiversity, monetizing climate externalities and raising awareness on the impact of our consumption habits are critical to create this new sustainable and carbon neutral society.

Developing and generalizing more efficient and durable energy production systems is also essential to achieve the social model we aspire to put in place. The decarbonization of energy production seems essential to us and we must encourage innovation in the field of renewable energies to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels to virtually zero. We must also learn to adopt a way of life based on energy sobriety.

The fight against climate change will be long, harsh and difficult. It is RIC’s primary responsibility to contribute to solving this social priority. Our civic awareness is demanding it.

Our values, our essence

Our values guide our company’s behavior and we use them in every decision we make.

We are obsessed with our customers

We start with our clients and work backwards. We anticipate their needs and strive to find new ways to provide them with exceptional services.

We pursue excellence by setting ambitious goals, even though they may seem unattainable at first glance. We continually increase the scope of those goals and ensure that every problem is fixed so it stays fixed. We always benchmark ourselves with the best.

We disagree and show determination and tenacity in defending our positions for the benefit of the client. When we make a decision, the whole team supports it unconditionally.

We are agile

Speed is critical in business. Most of the decisions we make are not irreversible and do not require an exhaustive decision-making process. Despite the difficulties, we rise to the occasion and deliver quality results on time. We achieve more with less.

We act on behalf of the company without limiting ourselves to our own team. We never say “that’s not my job”.
We actively listen and treat everyone with respect. We are open to listen to different opinions and question our own ideas. We learn constantly and always try to improve.

We think big

We have incredible analytical skills that allows us to create and execute innovative projects. We are curious to learn and explore new challenges. Given the impact of our projects, we have a 100% sustainable vision of the future and we do not sacrifice long-term goals for immediate benefits.

We work hard to identify, value, recognize and reward talent in a revolutionary sector.